Valbase Advisors LLC


​​​At Valbase Advisors, we and our partners believe in the concept of value-based management.  Planning, operations, and projects can all be conducted in a way that optimizes value for shareholders.   We have extensive knowledge of the BioPharma industry and we offer our services in several areas of expertise:

  • M&A and Funding services - We have extensive experience valuing acquisition targets, providing guidance to BD&L teams on deal terms, and we work within our own network to identify suitable strategic partners and investors for our clients.  A concise yet thorough business case along with carefully calculated deal terms are key to achieving your goals.

  • ​Integration Management - Post merge, unforeseen complications and new market conditions often require a rapid and thorough overhaul of an integration plan. Poorly managed, this inevitably leads to a "failed" acquisition which is reflected to the Board as an impairment.  Data driven, value-based management provides executives with the most useful input for re-aligning initiatives to maximize value for a successful acquisition. 

  • Strategic planning - Long-term business planning and financial modeling provides our clients with the information required to make far-reaching decisions about initiatives such as portfolio planning, resource allocation, and other key decisions that impact performance and value.  

  • Assessments of CapEx options -  Optimizing capital allocation is one of the most important duties of management.  The right mix of In/out sourcing, product strategy, and location-specific cost factors all contribute to an optimal solution.  We have performed economic assessment of over $2B in capital project initiatives to determine which investment scenarios result in the highest returns.